Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy) is a well known Doctorate Degree program in Pharmacy. It is also known by the name of Pharma D. It is a 6 years (5 years academic program + 1 year internship) long course. Pharm D is different from the traditional B Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) course in many ways. Pharm D’s duration (6 years) is longer than that of B Pharm (4 years). Other than that, Pharm D course focuses more in clinical pharmacy, pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical care as well as health care. B Pharm course focuses only on pharmacy industry and research. In short, Pharm D is much more detailed (integrated) and valuable that B Pharm course.


In Western and European countries, Pharmacists are healthcare professionals. Over there, Pharm D is the professional degree required to practice as a pharmacist. Sadly, B Pharm course available in India is not up to mark, when compared to Pharm D course. B Pharm lacks quality in areas of studies such as clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical care, patient care etc. In May 2008, the course of Pharm D was officially introduced in India.

In India, there are 2 formats in which this course is available-

  • Regular Pharm D program (6 years long)
  • Pharm D (Post-Baccalaureate) program (3 years long)

Regular Pharm D course may be pursued by students who have passed 12th Science board examination. Post-Baccalaureate Pharm D course is for B Pharm graduates to pursue. The course includes regular pharmacy subjects and clinical pharmacy practices. This is why this course is called an ‘integrated course’. The program trains students in clinical pharmacy, pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical care. At the end of the course, students gain skills such as diagnosis and treatment of diseases, selection and therapeutic usage of drugs, monitoring of patients etc. In short, Pharm D graduates are capable of performing many tasks that MBBS graduates are capable of doing (monitoring patients, diagnosis etc).


Pharm D course will help one get license to practice as a pharmacist in India and abroad. The course prepares students to practice as pharmacist in supervised or independent environments. Some places where one may practice are Government hospitals, Private hospitals, Community health centres, Nursing homes and NGOs.

Pharm D course is accepted and recognized all around the world. It is the minimum Degree required to practice as a pharmacist in many developed countries. This means that the ‘work abroad’ scope is very promising, when it comes to this course.

Job opportunities are also available in the Pharmaceutical industry. One may take on technological, administrative or marketing positions in this industry.

Teaching is another job opportunity. One may take on the job post of a lecturer/instructor at Pharmacy Colleges/institutes. Clinical research organizations and research labs also hire Pharm D Degree holders.

Common job profiles available are-

  • Pharmacist
  • Teacher/Instructor
  • Research professional
  • Marketing professional (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Administrative posts (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Drug Inspector

Places/areas where one may find job are-

  • Government Hospitals
  • Private Hospitals
  • NGOs
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pharmacy Colleges/Institutes