The Department of Pharmaceutics will strive to become a centre of excellence in the area of drug development, with the objective of developing cost effective newer delivery systems for better medication compliance, students are provided with one of the most dynamic programs in the area of Pharmaceutical product discovery and development.

This multidisciplinary science is associated with the development, production and characterization of dosage forms/drug delivery as well as the disposition and action of drugs in the body.

  • The Department of Pharmaceutics has state-of-the-art facilities which are as per the evolving needs of the pharmacy profession i.e. the pharmaceutical and health care industry. The students acquire skills from the basic principles of pharmaceutics up to gaining knowledge on novel drug delivery systems. The department has well designed and equipped laboratories where the students have hands on training for undergraduate, post graduate and research.
  • The laboratories are well equipped with various sophisticated machinery required for imparting knowledge to the students regarding various formulations, processing and testing equipment used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical dosage forms like tablets, capsules, liquids, semi-solids, parenterals and novel drug delivery systems. The laboratories provide the students with facilities and training for the formulation, design and development of the various dosage forms. The important equipment in the department includes
  • All the practical conducted according to the syllabus of JNTUA
  • Maximum care and attention taken for the students to understand the basics concepts behind each experiment.
  • Special care for the weak students in their academics.
  • Demonstration given on all the important instruments by faculty member related to the experiments.
  • In each practical importance given for the active involvement of every student for the experimental work.
  • Visual demo with the help of projector wherever needed.
  • The staff members of the college are well qualified and sufficiently experienced. The students in the college are greatly monitored and motivated by the highly qualified and experienced faculty
  • The students with the extraordinary skills are identified and encouraged to present their knowledge at various seminars/conferences. They are also guided to publish their research work in the reputed National and International Journals
  • Students are encouraged to do their project and research work in the department under the guidance of well talented faculty member or supervisor.
  • Innovative ideas of the students and faculty member are always encouraged and implemented
  • On experimental demand the students utilize and handled the equipment and instruments available in the college on the guidance of concerned subject faculty member which will enhance their working skills and knowledge about the instrument.
  • Conducted a Workshop cum seminar in every semester on the existing instruments and equipment mainly for third year and final year students. For conducting the workshop one senior efficient outside personnel from research or Academic or industry should be invited.d
  • Conduct all the experiments and practical fully industrial oriented by the way of oral presentation and instrumental work (Preformulation, formulation, preparation evaluation and packaging)
  • Conduct all the experiments and practical fully industrial oriented by the way of oral presentation and instrumental work (Preformulation, formulation, preparation evaluation and packaging)