Pharmaceutical Chemistry

We explore the fundamental biological mechanisms and molecules of therapeutic relevance for better health, empowered by novel technologies at the interface of Chemistry, Physics and Computational Sciences. Research in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry focuses on understanding fundamental biochemical mechanisms underlying health and disease, which are key to developing new and more effective diagnostics and medications.

The department’s basic research not only identifies new drug targets for small molecule drugs, it also develops the tools and methods to discover such targets and therapies and to more rapidly determine their efficacy and safety at the molecular level, thus improving the efficiency of the drug discovery process and potentially leading to improved therapeutics.

  • All the laboratory experiments are conducted as per the JNTUA curriculum without any compromise.
  • Special care and attention for the students to understand the Principle behind each experiment.
  • Visual demo with the help of projector wherever applicable
  • Students are allowed to do their experiment individually by their own
  • Additional time and attention for the students who are weak in their academics.
  • Encouraging the students to come up with their own ideas for implementation
  • Instrumentation part of the experiments is clearly explained by the expert by demo in manual as well as visual
  • Use of educational tools in the department wherever necessary
  • Department is well equipped with various sophisticated equipment
  • Pollution free and well ventilated environment
  • First aid kits are readily available with all the necessary items to manage any critical issue.
  • Research oriented training
  • Students are allowed to do their research work in the department with the guidance of eligible supervisor.
  • tudents are encouraged to publish their completed research work in National/International journals
  • Extraction of various phyto-constituent from different plant is taught to the students as a part of their research work in natural products.
  • Synthesis of various compounds and their derivatives are done in the department laboratory
  • Constituent extracted from the natural source and compounds synthesized are utilized for various purposes in the laboratory and also for further research work.