Pharmaceutical Analysis

The mission of Pharmaceutical Analysis department is to give the students extensive and varied scientific background, and a rewarding and challenging program of study.

Pharmaceutical Analysis determines the quality of drug products via analytical chemistry. Through this course, critical GMPs regulations, FDA guidance and ICH guidance and ICH quality guidelines will be discussed specifically emphasizing procedures to help individuals to maintain a high level of compliance that rounds the laboratory environment.

Pharmaceutical Analysis department of JCP aims to develop highly competent, professional, expert pharmacist with ample scientific background that contributes to the new method developments in the field of analysis.

The study given by the Pharmaceutical Analysis department to both undergraduate and post graduate students is a part of program that offer to the community professional pharmacists and talented innovative researchers that may help in the development of new methods of analysis that will enrich the pharmaceutical industry in India.

Activities and Goals

  • Guidance to the students in clearly understanding the principle and procedures of experiments.
  • Conducting experiments as per the syllabus given by JNTUA.
  • Providing visual demo of all the instruments and making the students to understand each and every part of instruments.
  • Providing maximum guidance to increase the troubleshooting skills.
  • Special care for the students who are weak in academics.
  • Encouraging the students in discovering new method developments of analysis in the research field.
  • Encouraging students for manual operation of all the instruments.
  • Encouraging students to publish their review and research work in National/International Journals.
  • Aim of the department is to develop new methods of analysis in the field of Ayurvedic Formulations, Food analysis, Salt analysis, etc.